What a night!

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What a night it was for a good ole’ fashioned Red, White, and Blue 4th of July celebration. The excitement was electric at the JCJC practice field Sunday night as countless volunteers helped set up for the 1st annual 4th of July celebration. Speakers were going up, flowers were being arranged, hotdogs were being cooked, and faces were being painted. Estimates claim over 500 people in attendance. The culmination of all the hard work was brought to light however, when the lives of seven people were changed. God is still in the saving business and we were beyond grateful to have witness God save the lives of seven people during the testimony portion of the event. Praise God! Shortly after this, over 100+ Chinese Lanterns were released while the song Over the Rainbow was playing in the background, it was surely a sight to see. As this happened, the pyrotechnic team was preparing for the most amazing, shock and awe fireworks show witnessed. For 13 minutes straight, the crowd was entertained with what seemed to be a constant finale, never once did the pyrotechnic team slow down the pace of beautiful, large, and loud fireworks. If you missed this years event, be sure that you are at next years! Here are a few photos of the night:

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